Information Technology

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We ascend with our clients by providing innovative Business Consulting services aimed at realizing business strategies and delivering significant business improvements.


Enterprise Architecture (EA)

From strategy to production, the Ascent Enterprise Architecture (EA) approach is to build client business capabilities aligned with business strategies.  Our objective is to identify organizations’ Business and Information Technology (IT) alignment and possible business and IT improvement areas, and provide business and IT strategic solutions.  Within Ascent’s EA approach, we offer clients services for:

  • Business Strategy.
  • Information Technology (IT) Strategy.
  • Business Process Design.
  • IT System Design.
  • Business Process Implementation.
  • IT System Implementation

For more information on Ascent Enterprise Architecture services, please download the following:
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IT System Selection

Ascent defines with their clients IT System functional, technical and supplier requirements, and weights these according to their importance to the client.  We then shortlist with our clients potential suppliers, and issue Request for Proposal (RFP) documents to the suppliers, and manage the bidding process.  We then score supplier bids against the weighted requirements, and provide recommendations to clients for selection.



Data Networking Design and Implementation


Whether you are moving premises, planning additional capacity, or looking to upgrade your existing network infrastructure, Ascent’s highly skilled technical team can help you realize your requirements.   Contact Ascent for all your network design or re-design requirements, implementation, support and the securing of your network.
We provide both the active and passive components to your network, meaning Ascent can design your network to your specifications and requirements, provide all the necessary cabling, cabinets and termination, as well as supply, install and configure any network equipment required.