Human Resources

Leaders in Innovation

We ascend with our clients by providing a range of innovative Human Resources services that focus on the potential of the human side of your business.

Organization and Job Design

Ascent can design with you any aspect of client organizations and jobs, in the context of business strategies and processes, and job competency requirements.


Ascent provides assessment centers and test administration services in English and Arabic using state of the art tools.


Ascent provides all aspects of recruitment including job analysis, advertising, short listing and assessment for all job types.

Career Counseling

Ascent provides career counseling, particularly to high school students, so they know what most suits them when planning their future education, subject choices at school and beyond, and work. For more information on Ascent Career Counseling please download the attached Download Brochure.


Ascent provides development centers in English and Arabic using state of the art tools.

For more information on Ascent Human Resources services, please download the following:
Download Brochure.